Branding Myself

Building Who I Want to Be

Posted on December 17th, 2016

How do you assess yourself? I believe the best route is to start with your strengths and build from there. So I began with my knowledge of color theory, UX font guidelines, and organizational excellence to build out a persona people would trust. My goal was to give people an accurate representation of what I do and some key takeaways from each project I have worked on. I want people to learn from my experience and use that to better their own projects.

Wireframes Medium-low fidelity wireframes of this site.

I started with developing content that was honest, straight to the point, and easy to read. My motto is "too long; didn't read," which is why most content is no longer than a page. I opted to keep things as simple and clean as possible, with landing pages that only have listed articles in vertically-centered columns. This is crucial for scalability, since I need room for brand growth. I also opted for a clean font in Source Sans Pro, that is also optimized for web readability and pairs well with the "cool" Montserrat heading serif.

Menu Fix Medium-low fidelity wireframes of this site.

Choosing colors was rather simple. I picked a color that was trustworthy and another that was exciting. Blue and orange being the main ones, these are also an ode to my upbringing in Chicago. They have enough contrast to work well with the clean white background. I also needed a group of images that were relevant to my personal story. Hence, the images related to research and user testing, focus groups; as well as, the "De Stijl" photos to accentuate my design philosophy.

The other key points for building your brand are:

  • Find your voice: figure out who you want to be and build around it
  • K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid! Don't build out something complex, this will limit your ability to grow the brand and turn users away
  • Consider everything: Pay attention to every detail of your site, your print materials, etc. If one thing is off in your brand people will notice and it will inhibit your business

If you would like more branding content from this project or are interested in having some branding work done yourself. Please fill out my contact form.